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Tod Adams, R.Ph. is the presenter for our "Hormones 101" seminar. These seminars are held about once every 1 or 2 months at the Keeneland Educational Center located at the St. Joseph Office Park "D" building directly across the street from St. Joseph Hospital on Harrodsburg Road in Lexington, KY. The Educational Center is located on the 4th floor of the "D" building and our seminars are held in the "Bank One Room".

Seminars begin promptly at 10:00AM, and are always scheduled on a Saturday. The room has limited seating for about 80 attendants so we ask that you pre-register to prevent us from having to turn interested people away. Also, we request that you arrive a few minutes before 10:00AM so we can start on time.

The formal part of the seminar lasts about 2 hours. The presentation is in a PowerPoint format. Tod also has an additional one-hour session at the end of the seminar for your questions. So the entire time commitment is about 3 hours. The fee for attending is $35.00 per person. If you bring one or more friends we reduce the price to $30.00 per person.

Topics of the seminar include:

  • What are Hormones?
  • Define what Natural Hormones are.
  • Discuss the differences between synthetic hormones and natural hormones
  • Symptoms of hormonal imbalance
  • Brief descriptions of the menstrual cycle, PMS, premenopause, perimenopause, postmenopause
  • Why we should be concerned with balancing our hormones
  • The estrogen dominance theory
  • Are hormones safe to use?
  • Testing your hormones. (Including a discussion of Salivary Hormone Testing and the importance of knowing your own hormone profile)
  • Brief discussion of how diet and exercise play a vital role in your hormonal health
  • How to determine if you need a prescription for bio-identical hormones
  • How to discuss natural hormones with your doctor
  • List of recommended reading so you can be better educated about hormonal replacement

NOTE: Tod will field questions from the attendants for one hour immediately following the 2-hour seminar!!!