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We are happy to direct you to a physician who is educated on the subject of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy but the best physician to go to for professional advice about natural hormones is your own personal family doctor. This is the doctor you have built a relationship of trust and respect with over the years. You may say that your doctor is not open to the idea of using natural hormones. You may be correct. But as with many things in life, it is how we approach obstacles that can have a huge impact on the final result.

Keep in mind that you are providing a service to your doctor when you share what you have learned from this web site. You are simply becoming a provider of information for your physician and are sharing something very important with him or her, something that may not only help you but may help many other patients. In order to talk with your MD about hormones, it is not necessary to have the vocabulary of the doctor. Talking about your own health care from a personal point of view can be very effective. Your hormonal balance is a very important factor related to your entire quality of life. You are not asking too much of your doctor to work with you at customizing your HRT. You deserve the best medical care there is and you should ask your doctor to be the best he or she can be. Address your needs, express your concerns, and share what you have learned with your MD. Don't feel like you are competing with your doctor to get your point across. Once you bring up the subject of natural hormones with your doctor, you may be surprised to hear him say "I'm an open-minded person and I am willing to work with you on this." I have found that most doctors are open to learning more about natural HRT. Don't be afraid to bring the subject up and do not assume that your doctor knows all about natural hormone replacement. The pharmacists at Northside Pharmacy and Office Park Pharmacy are happy to speak with your physician and even make an appointment to do "in-services" at the physician's offices for them and their staff.

You may be fortunate enough to have a doctor who prides himself or herself in keeping as current as possible on HRT. This type of doctor may already know about compounding phamacists, natural hormones, salivary testing, and monitoring your hormone levels. If this is the kind of doctor you have, just making an appointment to discuss whether you are a candidate for HRT may be all that you need to do.

You may have a doctor who has an incredibly heavy workload with very little time to look into all of the new options available for HRT. It is difficult for doctors to keep up with all the new information coming out about the practice of medicine. (It is hard enough for pharmacists just to keep up with all of the new drugs that are emerging on the market place each year.) So, your doctor may not be familiar with individualizing and monitoring your HRT. If your doctor is not "up on a subject" he may be "down on the subject" because what we are not up on we are generally down on, this may make the doctor unwilling to prescribe natural hormones. Doctors do not want to prescribe things they are not familiar with because they have an obligation to their patients to do no harm.

The irony is that doctors prescribe natural hormones every day. If your doctor writes prescriptions for Humulin® insulin, then he or she is writing for a natural hormone. If your doctor is writing for Climara® patches or Vivelle® patches or Estrace® cream, Prometrium® or Androgel® then he or she is writing for natural hormones. Most doctors just get turned off by the term "natural". When the doctor realizes what you mean by the term natural hormone then he or she is usually willing to consider prescribing them. What we must do at that point is educate the doctor about how using a compounding pharmacist to individualize HRT can improve patient outcomes. Even thou Prometrium® and Estrace® are natural hormones they fall short of being the best dosage form to use in your body. Plus, these mass produced hormones basically come in one size fits all, and can't be customized. Remember that what you want is a tailor-made prescription that is specific for you.

Whatever the dynamics of your relationship with your doctor, we hope that this article will help you work with your doctor on taking action to help you receive what you need to feel better in a safe and scientific approach that the MD feels comfortable with.

The following are the main issues you will want to address with your doctor:

  1. You want to use natural (bio-identical) hormones because they match the ones in your body.
  2. Before you start on therapy you want to do a work-up on your hormone profile and you prefer to use salivary testing instead of blood testing because you want to test your free hormone levels.
  3. You want your dosing of hormones to be indivualized so they are just right for you.
  4. You want to work with your doctor in monitoring your free-hormone levels throughout treatment to make sure you are keeping your hormone levels in a safe physiologic range.
  5. You are only asking the doctor to give this a try for 6 to 12 months. If it doesn't improve your quality of life in this time period you will not require the doctor to continue the therapy.
Hopefully this web-site is better preparing you with the information you need to empower yourself, educate yourself, and to give you confidence in your knowledge about individual hormone replacement and to be able to ask your doctor for the best HRT available. You are an individual and your doctor has a desire to treat you as one.

Now, with all this said if your doctor simply will not consider prescribing bio-identical hormones for you contact us and we will give you the names of numerous physicians in Lexington that write for natural hormones on a regular basis. Once again, we want to stress that you should give your current doctor an opportunity to work with you first.